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What’s Paris Adieu about?

Self-empowerment, ma chère, simply put.

It’s a novel about a girl who goes to Paris and comes back a woman.

Anna Karenina understood, the Hegelian Dialectic unlocked, why fission and fusion need each other, and how to wear a scarf are all covered in this three-hundred page journey through Ava Fodor’s brain, illuminated by her time in the City of Light.

When Ava Fodor first visits Paris as a nineteen-year old au pair, her French boyfriend introduces her to the concept of being comfortable in her own skin. If only she knew how…

One Ivy League degree later, she’s back for an encounter with a Frenchman that awakens her to womanhood.  If only she could stay…

Five years later, Ava returns to Paris as a singer/pianist. She falls for Arnaud, whose frequent travel tortures her. While he’s away, a surprising stranger helps Ava on her journey to self-discovery. Armed with the lessons Paris has taught her, she bids adieu to Arnaud, Pierre and her very first love –  the City of Light.

Where can I buy Paris Adieu? 

Find Paris Adieu right here from Dec. 16, 2011 on, with a link to http://www.amazon.com, Smashwords, or Barnesandnoble.com where it will be available for purchase.  The perfect holiday gift to those who enjoy reading about unlocking the door to self-empowerment.  Follow Ava on her adventures in Paris and find out how she travels from clueless American abroad to taking the steering wheel of her own life.

Coming out on amazon.com, Dec. 16, 2011

Advance praise for Paris Adieu

After A Moveable Feast, the top book for those who love to read about Paris

“Like all of Gaston’s work, Paris Adieu is full of fun and charm. After A Moveable Feast, it is the top book for anyone who remembers all of the frivolity and seriousness that go with the French and the City of Light.”

Ariana Kaleta, Baroness von Trautenegg, Author of The Young Person’s Guide to Ballet

*          *          *

Fascinating, Glamorous, and Entertaining

Paris Adieu makes a fun book for my book club. The story of Ava coming of age in Paris is as fascinating, glamorous and entertaining as the City of Light itself.”

Victoria Kann, The New York Times bestselling author of Pinkalicious and the Pink Pumpkin, Pinkalicious, Purplicious, Goldilicious, Silverlicious, and Pinkalicious the Musical

*          *          *

Well-founded in Intellectual Truth

 “If you have been young in Paris, or wish you had been, this is the book for you.  Gaston’s style paints a vivid portrait – breezy, but well-founded in intellectual truth.”

Ariane Csonka Comstock, author of The Young People’s Guide to Opera and Palm Beach Wit & Wisdom

*          *          *

Elegant, Sexy, and Almost Impossibly Witty

“Literate men will love Rozsa Gaston’s elegant, sexy, and almost impossibly witty look inside the hidden world of women (and will fall in love with the author).  Buy this book and keep it on your nightstand.”

Laurence Siegel, winner of the Graham and Dodd and EDHEC-Robeco awards for investment writing

 *          *          *

Fasten your Seat Belt for a Sensual Ride

“Fasten your seat belt for a sensual ride through a young American woman’s journey through France. Learning about the pleasures of life, from tasty food to passionate awakening with a French lover, is a feast for the senses.”

Susie Piturro

*          *          *

Fresh and Enchanting

“Ms. Gaston has written a fresh, enchanting story of a young American woman who finds refuge in Paris from the staid New England morality stifling her spirit. Over three stays in Paris, Ava comes to know the city in all its color. She encounters a quirky assortment of men who introduce her to the concept of being comfortable in her own skin, then show her how. With delightful insight into the female mind, we see Ava explore the heights and depths of her womanhood and discover a lifelong gift in what she has learned about herself.”

Don Dickey

*          *          *

Coming of Age in Paris

“Ava Fodor is young, funny and ready for trouble, particularly when it comes to French men.  From the opening pages, Ava engages with her wry voice. This is a story that’s certain to touch a chord with readers who may remember their own first efforts to find love.”

Susan Breen, author of The Fiction Class

*          *          *

Sexy Page-Turner with a French Twist

“With vivid detail and humor, Gaston takes readers straight into the heart of Paris, where we smell pastries from the corner bakery and meander through famous parks and museums. We meet the French lover who shows Ava how to feel “comfortable in her own skin.” Throughout, Gaston writes with a deep appreciation for sensuality that will keep readers attentive to Ava’s every adventure.”

Kim Nagy, Executive Editor, Wild River Review, and author of The Triple Goddess Trials

*          *          *

Sexy, Witty, and Charming

“Sexy, witty, and charming, Paris Adieu takes you away from everyday life, back to a time when everything was new and adventurous. A great read for any book club as well as something to give your life a little romantic flavor.”

Kathy Chattoraj, visual artist

 *          *          *

Paris Adieu is a must read 

“Paris Adieu is a must read  for every woman, young and old, as a reminder of how we evolved into who we are today. Naiveté was such a blessing, wasn’t it?”

Terri Valentine, author of Sands of Time and Sea Dream

*          *          *

Couldn’t put it down

“I didn’t want to say adieu to Ava’s adventures in Paris. Ava untangles herself from her grandmother’s meddlesome web in Connecticut, to find herself bedazzled by Paris, its culture, and its people. As the pages and lovers turn quickly, Ava metamorphoses from naive, young know-nothing to a creative, strong-minded, independent woman — Voilà!”  

Mary Agoglia

*          *          *

Refreshing and captivating

“Follow Ava Fodor, a bright, likeable young American, as she becomes an inspired, passionate woman amid the elegance and grandeur of Paris — a refreshing and captivating tale.”

Laura Brengelman, editor and writer