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Rozsa Gaston - Author

How to Be An Unconventional Beauty

From The Westchester Guardian, 5-28-15

Rozsa Gaston headshot.jpgBy Rozsa Gaston
Striking. Breathtaking. Someone with a certain je ne sais quoi (a certain something, literally, “I don’t know what,” in French). What does that sort of person have and does it really boil down to beauty? I say no. What it boils down to is attitude.
Let’s talk prom for a moment. Or next month’s graduation ceremonies. Perhaps you’re going away to college for the first time this fall. How are you going to carry off your own special style of being you?
Not a beauty? Neither are most of us. But why not decide right here, right now, that you are? You can practice on prom night, then you have the entire summer to dress-rehearse your new attitude about yourself before shipping off to school at the end of August. Fake it till you make it…

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